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7 years winners of Dig This Award: Most Affordable , Best Rehearsal Complex
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PARKING PARKING PARKING! Actual parking spaces... seems simple right? Ask our competitors if they have any...
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About Eprom

At the Sound Museum we specialize in no frills, affordable, monthly band rooms within the greater boston city limits. We won't be undersold in the Boston Area! Each of our two locations has easy 24-hour access. Play as loud as you want , when you want.

Bring their monthly rental price and we'll beat it!

Hourly rehearsal room now available for as low as $40 a hour! The Sound Museum has a professional sound stage which features a full range PA, monitors, professional Lights, amps, and essentially the works for you to use. The sound stage or better known as "The Magic Room" is also available for video shoots and live recordings.More About Hourly Rental More About The Sound Museum

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Yelp Reviews

Long time renter, first time caller...
Pamela R. | Newton, MA | 4.5 Star Rating

Our spot on north beacon is truly a home away from home. After years married to this place there's no where else I would have rather spent my Mondays, Tuesdays, wednesday.....TOO MANY NIGHTS! No better place to harbor creativity then in your own humble abode like those in the sound museum. Never any complaints....shit happens. Always have been treated fairly and have had all maintenance taken care of almost immediately. The guys around the building are there daily and have taken care of me on numerous occasions.

Rock Lives, Love You Sound Museum!
John E. | Hyde Park, MA | 5.0 Star Rating

Sound Museum Rehearsal Complex in Boston is the nads ! We copped a room there almost 10 years ago and we are still there, and believe it or not, the price of our room has never gone up . Or room is about 20 x12 and we pay 450.00 dollars split between 2 bands keeping it the space quite affordable ! We have a corner room so sound bleed is never a big issue ,there is always parking,well almost always ! We have been able to make our room comfortable by sharing some common gear.

The Sound Museum is also a place where we have been able to net work,gigs and get to use the house studio,Barefoot studio, a compact but amazing place to record. Access to the rooms is 24/7 and there are literally no time restrictions in this building on playing at any volume. There is a small area where the recording studio is that playing starts a bit later in the day.

The SM has been around for years in numerous buildings and has currently 5 locations,the building we are in Allston. There is usually a waiting list to get a space which can be a drag,but it is worth it to try to get a space at the SM ...they have many size spaces, and you should be able to get one that you can afford.

Hey Everyone!
Glenda L. | ALLSTON, MA | 5.0 Star Rating

I am petty new to yelp but I really wanted to show my Love for this place so I'm writing a review. First Off I have been in a Girl Punk Band for many many years, yeah I don't make money off it but it is more a hobby. One reason I can even continue my dream of making it big is that we rent a rehearsal space from the Sound Museum. The price can't be beaten seriously If i can afford it so can you. So don't give up on your dream just because you think you'd have no place to set up your gear.

We have a fairly large group so we got a big room but if we needed to we could have gotten a smaller room for even less. In my opinion the best part about this place is that we can play at 5am if we needed to, its 24/7 I didn't believe it at first, but it is.

Although I have only rented from here and 2 other places, I doubt any other facility could match it. Like I said I wanted to show my Love for the Sound Museum and recommend it to any young up and comer, hope to run into you in the halls! Just ask for Red Lips they'll know me